Theodore R. Campbell Scholarship program is available for students who are the residents of Alberta. The applicant must be studying in Blue Quills First Nations College and must have completed at least one year of an education degree. In addition to this he must be an aboriginal student. No matter to what part of the nation you belong there are several scholarships and grants available for those students who are dedicated and committed towards completing their studies. There are a number of resources to give you moral and financial support and help you accomplish your academic dreams.


The first and the foremost thing that matters is your determination. Once you have decided and you are focused, there is no hurdle that can come on your way to stop you or pull you back. There are few points that you should keep in mind while applying for the scholarships. Understand the application procedure and the requirements of the scholarship program you are interested to apply. Bear in mind that every scholarship program is associated with an application procedure that has to be followed if you want to complete the application process smoothly and successfully.


Theodore R. Campbell Scholarship program is specific with typical requirements. You can apply for this scholarship program only when you are eligible for it. Do not forget that there are many resources that provide the funding for studious and deserving students. Most of the sponsors look for the candidates that are dedicated and committed towards achieving their educational dream. They want to see the enthusiasm and pledge in the applicants and so many of the sponsors ask for recommendations and essays.


If you are interested to learn more about the availability of scholarships in your area, you should check this out from the financial aid office of your college. The application form of Theodore R. Campbell Scholarship is available from Research and Planning Office at Blue Quills First Nations College and from Alberta Scholarship Programs. Watch out the deadline ad try to submit the form, along with required documents much before that. This award is based and selection is done on academic excellence of the applicants.

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