San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) January 12, 2006

After the Texas Longhorns won the national championship, Longhorn fans starting collecting anything with the words Texas or Longhorn on it.

But San Antonioan Jerry Wayne has owned one of the most sought-after items in the state for the past fifteen years. A fan since the heyday of the Longhorns under coach Darrell Royal in the 1960s, he has shown his pride with a personalized license plate”1 Texas.”

When he saw the frenzy of fans buying sports memorabilia after the NCAA victory, Wayne realized how many people would love to have a license plate bearing the phrase “1 Texas.” Coach Mack Brown could honor UT football with this plate. Vince Young might enjoy sporting a “1 Texas” license plate on the new luxury car he’ll probably buy when he signs with the NFL. The license plate would be a perfect enhancement to the Rolls Royce, Bentley, or similar luxury automobile of a wealthy Texans football fan.

Lots of fans would be interested in the license plate, and since he’s had the plate for fifteen years, Jerry Wayne is willing to give someone else the opportunity to show their Texas pride. However, he didn’t have a way to connect with rabid and wealthy Longhorn fans.

Then he thought of Jay Leno β€” and the outrageous auctions he sometimes mentions. “If people could sell some of the ridiculous items talked about on the Tonight Show, surely I could sell my license plate! I knew there were lots of luxury auctions β€” if people can auction luxury cars, why not luxury license plates?” Wayne asked.

He set up an auction for the license plate on eBay. For a minimum bid of $ 5,000, the winning bidder can use the license plate for the remainder of 2006. For a minimum bid of $ 15,000, permanent ownership will be transferred to the winner.

The “1 Texas” personalized license plate is listed at eBay as Item number: 8748231385 in the category Fan Apparel & Souvenirs, Sport: College-NCAA, Team: Texas.

Longhorn fans will collect T-shirts and jerseys, mugs and glasses, caps and hats, posters and pictures, banners and flags, books and videos … and all manner of souvenirs and memorabilia. But only one person will have the license plate “1 Texas” β€” a truly unique way for a UT football fan to show Texas pride.

For more information, contact Jerry Wayne, 210-590-8100.