President Obama is looking to change America, and one place he is clearly focused on is the Bowl Championship Series. Forget about Wall Street, the president is looking to shake up college football by creating something that football fans have been begging for for years: a playoff.

Even with President Obama’s blessing, college football may still not get a playoff. President Obama has made no secret that he is an avid sports fan. He has made several appearances on ESPN. He created a college basketball bracket for March Madness. He talks about how he installed a basketball court in the white house. He has also made several statements that he believes college football should implement a playoff. Before he was elected, he told Chris Berman on an episode of Monday Night Football, that, “I think it’s about time college football had a playoff.” He also reiterated this point after the election on an episode of CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

According to President Obama, his proposed system will have eight teams that would play for over three rounds before the national champion is declared. This system sounds very similar to the one that the Mountain West Conference presented to Congress to decide the National Champion. He is also aware that the system will add another three weeks to the season so the best solution according to him would be to shorten the regular season instead. He ends by saying that this system is the right thing to do.

College football fans and media have been clamoring for a playoff to replace the BCS for several years to no avail. And it is yet to be seen if even the urging of the President will alter the mindsets of the BCS committee. Momentarily, the decision is not President Obama’s to make. However, now that the Utah attorney general has brought an antitrust lawsuit against the BCS, the government may get involved in how college football crowns their National Champion after all.

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