Pneumatic tools are far superior to their electric counterparts for several reasons. They are more powerful and can be built more sturdily, yet they tend use less power overall to do a better job. You can also run a single compressor and fit different accessories to the hose, possibly saving space compared to electric tools, each of which has their own built in motor which adds to their bulk and weight.

Among the many high quality compressors that you can choose from to complete your project, Campbell Hausfeld air compressors furnish enough different models to satisfy everyone’s pneumatic needs.

Practically any home or garage tool that uses air pressure can be run off medium-sized compressors like the Campbell Hausfeld VT6358 30-Gallon Cast Iron Vertical Portable Air Compressor. Though cast iron is dense and heavy, it is also extremely tough and you need not worry about the large air tank rupturing even under pressures of 135 psi, though 90 psi is the more usual operating pressure.

The VT6358 can handle everything from nail guns and sanders to cleaning functions, metal snips and nibblers, tire inflation, and paint shooting. Standing 59” tall with 10” wheels, this air compressor only has a 28” by 28” footprint, making it convenient to store in a corner or alongside a work cabinet. The motor runs at either 120 volts or 240 volts, adapting to the power outlets that are available, rather than compelling you to use it only where its “preferred” current is found.

This is scarcely the largest compressor in Campbell Hausfeld’s air compressor line, either. In fact, the largest examples are five times bigger – 150 gallon giants run by 15 horsepower motors. The stationary massiveness of these devices limits them to commercial uses, but they show the usual Campbell Hausfeld construction quality and features.

At the opposite pole of the compressor spectrum can be found small electric devices such as the 32.5 pound 4-gallon Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor. Carried to the place where it is needed using a short, heavy plastic handle, this compressor furnishes 1 standard cubic foot per minute (SCFM) at 90 psi, strong enough to drive brads, finishing nails, and staples. With two couplers placed conveniently on the upper portion of the device, there is readily accessible pneumatic attachment that lets two people work simultaneously from the same air supply.

The pancake design imparts a low center of gravity to this type of smaller Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, as well as the even lighter 1-gallon version (which weighs only 12.7 pounds), lessening the chance it will tip over in the midst of a job. Unlike the larger motors, these work oil-free, sparing you the effort of adding oil and preventing leaks onto newly finished floors and counters. The power they offer is enough for cleaning, airbrushing, stapling, and brad guns.

Easing into the world of air compressors and pneumatic tools is made much smoother with Campbell Hausfeld machines, while there is enough versatility and enough power to give veterans plenty of choices for working with pressurized air, too. The distinctive royal blue enamel paint used to protect the metalwork of these air compressors lets you identify them right away – identification you will be glad to make once you become acquainted with the brand.

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