Jump higher in basketball is a command usually given by coaches or trainers to their trainees in basketball because the victory in this game is determined by the abilities of the players to jump high. Lay ups and dunks are smoothly done if the players have mastered the art of jumping higher.

The ways to increase height reached in jumping are varied and choosing the kind of exercise program, workout or training needs hard thinking. Select programs suited to the trainee’s lifestyle. The program to be chosen must be holistic. The soul and the body must be nourished. The soul comprises the emotional and mental attitude.

Increasing the height, which the player can carry the body upwards is a time consuming activity. Consistency in training is a must. Discipline in time and discipline of the body must go hand in hand with the regular training.

What are the contributing factors that can make for a great high jump?  There are a lot of them. Here are some suggestions:

First, start with the head, a mindset should be established that there are goals set to be achieved. High jumping is the target. The mind must be conditioned so that the body must be trained. What the mind will dictate, the body will follow.

Mind conditioning is an important tool in discipline.  Imagination or visualization can greatly help the player.  This is done by letting the player imagine himself making the perfect dunks or lay ups.  Let the mind do wonders by repeatedly thinking about how the jump is to be executed even imagining how the whole game will be won.  With daily visualizations the player mentally believes he will and he can do the high jumps which will ultimately result in good performance in the game.

Second, the chest area, there must be an exercise that can help the lungs.  Longevity of breath and proper breathing should be achieved.  Even if the player is capable of high jumps but he cannot sustain his breath nothing happens.  Running in an ascending road, like towards a hill or on stairs will greatly help the lungs and also the heart.

Third, the body where the arms and the torso are located, an exercise for the arms, the back and the abdomen must also be maintained.  The ideal weight must be maintained too. Excess weight will pull down rather than pull up jumper.  The jumper also will need double energy to propel the body upward.  

Fourth, the lower body, where the legs, feet and thighs are located, keeping these parts of the body in perfect shape will be of great help. The various muscles in the thighs and legs must be flexible enough to ease movement.  

The body weight must be properly maintained and the body must be given proper nutrition to make it function well. The stamina and energy come from the nutrients the body is fed.

When these needs are met, there is a full assurance that a player can jump higher in basketball.

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