There are certain clothing pieces that stand the test of time and become a vital part of any man’s wardrobe. Fred Perry’s Clothing line recognizes these trends and with each new season, updates these classics. The recognizable polo, the classic sneakers or accessories such flip wallets or those narrow ties that remind us of days past, Fred Perry’s designers bring them full circle.

This staple in fashion culture celebrates its thirtieth year and as a result, there’s a new 2009 Limited Edition clothing line to memorialize this milestone.

The polo comes forward with new colors, styles and even the little things, such as its buttons, ensure they’re the fast movers of the line. This season offers a slightly narrow collar with color combinations such as black and teal or pink and gray. They’re easy to coordinate; they look great and are affordable additions you can add to complement what’s already in your closet.

Known for its trendy tennis clothing lines, Fred Perry’s 2009 collection surprises us with a revamp of the favorite tennis shorts. With its loose fit, elastic waistband and breathable mesh inserts, you’re sure to stay cool and confident on the court. We particularly like the curved pocket and leg hems and we’re convinced you will too. As you’re browsing the line of tennis clothes, consider the new French Open tennis shirt. One of a kind and an instant favorite, you’ll love this 100% polyester design.

The Fred Perry Chino is a flat front short and is lined with a narrow blue gingham band just to give it a bit of personality. It’s made with 100% cotton and cut for a comfortable and roomy fit. It’s available in twill or black.

What goes better with a great looking Chino short? An equally handsome vintage tennis shoe, of course. These great throw-backs are perfect for every casual occasion. Made with high quality and durable materials, these will provide far more wear after the long hot summer has ended.

With so many great styles to choose from, you can easily add several pieces to your current wardrobe without spending a lot of money in the process. As you’re browsing, be sure to tour the accessories line that includes belts, wallets and other pieces that will really differentiate you from the crowd.

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