If anyone asked you what you need in order to become a superb basketball player, what would you say? Most people would answer that you need master the game and its basic techniques such as basketball shooting with specialized basketball training. The answer is good, but it is not all correct. To become a perfect basketball player as much as you need training you need practice and at the same time you need to have that fire in your belly that drives to learn more than anyone else because you want to be the best. Listed below are a few key traits of champions in any field:

1. Hunger to be first. You need to want it happen and want it bad enough to visualize it. You need to see it before your eyes as it has already happened. You are the best; you are the champion; you have played the perfect game. The more you develop this hunger within you, the more you have the chance to become this champion.

2. Practice. When asked what lead them to success, most of the champions answered, ‘fourteen to sixteen hours of practice every day’. This is known as dedication. You need to hone your body in becoming a perfect tool for your favorite sport and for that you need to practice, practice, practice, practice and practice more. There are no two ways about this.

3. Practice with better players than you are. You want to learn, go for players who are better than you in some or other aspect. Watch them, copy their style, improve on it and make it your own. It would not do to play against people who play at a lower level than you for this would actually sap your caliber. You would feel good in comparison and instead of striving to get better, you would learn to stagnate for in your eyes you are already the best.

4. Find a tough coach. If you want to succeed, find a coach who shares that hunger with you. This person should want it as bad as you do, so he or she could push you so hard that you would outdo yourself. Do not worry about coping up; your body is a phenomenal machine, it continuously improves on itself. With time, you would be able to realize that the more you push yourself the better you become and that there is always scope for more.

Practice round the year. Champions do not prepare only before the event takes place, they train round the year. They train and practice so they stay in shape and keep the body’s reflexes sharp and in control. This is why, when you want to become the best basketball player, there is not off-season for you as your coach would tell you, if you chose the right one. You need to keep your mind and body in shape and tuned to perfection in the sport. The more you practice, the closer you would be to becoming the champion of basketball.

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