Whatever rankings fantasy owners use, whatever scoring system is employed, quarterbacks are incredibly important if you are to make a run at your league championship. However, only 1 or 2 going into the draft should be considered as a first or second round pick. The drop-off in talent level and production at RB and then WR is too drastic to miss the top players. So, go ahead and resign yourself to the fact that you are not getting Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, because you are going after RBs, maybe even WRs with your first 2 or 3 picks.

So, that means you will be choosing among 29 or 30 QBs after round 2. In a standard 12 owner league that means you have a great chance to pick a top 12 fantasy scorer. But how that owner ranks fantasy football QBs is important if he wants to nab a late-round sleeper. I picked up Philip Rivers late last year, and he had a career year.To draft fantasy football QB value follow my advice about these sleeper signal callers.

Sleeper #1

Trent Edwards will be available in the 9th through 12th rounds of your draft. Buffalo has the 7th easiest NFL schedule for QBs. We all know that Terrell Owens will be starting with Lee Evans, and that alone means less pass rushers, and more options for Edwards, who is entering his third year with Buffalo. He always throws for a high completion percentage, and I think the opportunity for him to step out here could not be better. I am looking for production in the 3600 yard 23 TD range in 2009, which would make him a top ten Fantasy QB.

Sleeper #2

Matt Hasselbeck enters the 2009 season with Seattle as a huge question mark. Were the back and knee injuries a one time deal, or are they going to be nagging him this year also? One thing for certain is I have never seen an injury bug hit a receiving crew like last year’s Seattle Seahawks. When your Rookie TE leads the team in catches with 55 and his 5 TDs also leads the team, something is terribly wrong. With the addition of T. J. Houshmandzadeh, and the return of a healthy Deion Branch, I see no reason why Hasselbeck can’t post 3500 yards and 22 TDs. He also benefits from the 5th easiest schedule for a QB in 2009.

The top 3 scorers, as far as Fantasy Football production, at the QB position in 2008 were Drew Brees, Kurt Warner and Philip Rivers, and only Brees was considered a top 10 QB pick going into the season. Kurt Warner was not even thought to have the starting job secured! Only 3 QBs last year threw for 30 TDs or more, so all you need is 25 TDs and 3600 yards to have a top 10 QB. Pick one of the sleepers above late, and use your early rounds to pile up on WRs and RBs. You should be able to pick these two QBs around the 8th or 9th round.

Patrick O’Neill is an 18 year Fantasy Football Veteran and Network Marketing Leader.
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