Today’s college athletics have grown into a continuously growing industry. With the NCAA basketball tournaments wrapping up, its almost time for the new college football season. And now is the time teams and organizations are looking for candidates to fulfill needs and become part of their team.

NCAA football has grown into a professional industry and need people that are qualified to work for them.

Whether it’s the actual team or companies that work with the NCAA, all the organizations are looking for employees. So here are seven steps to make your dream come true and work in Division 1 football.

1. Communication skills: The sports industry involves a lot of communication between businesses. Being able to communicate efficiently with clients and employees is crucial. Public speaking skills are also a must because presentations are daily in the industry and will only make you that much more competitive in the job market.

2. Computer Fundamentals: Because of the new age of technology, everyone uses computers and cell phones. There is no avoiding these trends, so its imperative that computer skills are up to date. The majority of companies are familiar with the Microsoft package which includes; Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word. Knowledge to other software will only increase opportunities in the sports field.

3. Education: The first priority to being hired in the sports industry is a Bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t have to be sport management but four years is need to work for companies. Degrees that are also applicable are Economics, Accounting, and any Business degree. Having a Sport Management degree is the best way to go if working in sports is your dream.

4. Management and Organizational: In the fast pace of the sport industry, individuals have their own schedule and projects that need to be completed. This is why time management and organizational skills are a must. Most of the work in the industry is individual. Being on time in the college sports industry is a must as well because deadlines need to be met. It also looks better when you don’t need to look through papers when giving a presentation, its really saying that you care about your work.

5. Attitude: Not all jobs are illustrious and fancy in the sport field. Working long hours will go un-noticed but don’t worry because in the long run it will pay off. Everyone that enters the field has to do the grunt work first but it gets consistently easier the more experience you get. Stay up and stay active and take criticism and build from it. As an intern for a team there are many unique things to do. Some of them include:

• Creating game day flyer’s to create interest from fans
• Get fans involved by embarrassing yourself
• Doing large amounts of paper work that others don’t want
• Help the players out in any way possible

6. Leading the pack: A great way to separate you from other workers is taking initiative. This couldn’t be a better impression on high executives. No matter if its is an entry level job or upper management job, being a leader is a great quality to have. Working out of the box will make you a better employee for your company. By doing this other will follow you and everyone will be able to create a product that everyone can enjoy. It just depends how much work you are willing to put into your job.

7. Work: College football is all about work. Players are grinding all season long to win a national championship so this means they need people to support them. Work ethic is a must and a little tenacity doesn’t hurt either. Putting in a complete day is when all the work is finished, not when the bell rings. The demand for work for college football needs to be there everyday.

With these simple steps you can be competitive in the college football industry. From sun up to sun down, total effort is need not only from players but from management as well. This industry is always growing looking for the next big thing to produce and with these rules you could possible create that next big something in the NCAA. So go and win a job and possible a national championship!

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