Yes, I know, you’ve heard that JVs are just for the ‘big boys’, or for those with plenty of money?  Well, I’ve heard that, too, and it just isn’t true!  Normal, everyday people like you and I can get involved, too, and it is all detailed in this book.  Neal Henson recognized that there was a lot of fear and mystique about Joint Ventures (JVs) so he decided to write this book.  It’s sub-titled; ‘The Simple Formula for Creating and Maintaining Profitable JV Partnerships’; this is where Neal answers all those questions about JVs that you were just too afraid to ask!

So, just what’s in the book?  Well, questions to answers like: What Is a Joint Venture, How to Find Partners, Why use a JV, legal aspects of a JV, maintaining and growing a JV, seeing your business grow in leaps and bounds, exploring new market potentials, are all answered, as are a whole load more!  You’ll see that JVs are open to everybody and indeed, finding people who want to join with you – at home or abroad – are not that difficult to find!

The internet has changed the way we can all do business.  Indeed, the world has shrunk and people and opportunities abound, that can help you.  You can form a JV partnership with someone halfway across the world and be on your way to not only allowing your business to grow, but also yourself as well.  JVs are becoming more popular than ever with savvy business owners and investors and one of the reasons is that starting a JV is easy!

As someone who is involved in a number of businesses and JVs, it’s easy for me to recommend this book.  For GBP17.00 – that’s about US$ 30.00 – it’s a steal.  And for the life of me; I don’t think that you’ll be interested in the the 60 day refund guarantee!

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