As football fans our hunger for the latest football news never ceases. Right throughout the week we want to know exactly what’s going on at the club we support, from the latest transfer rumours to news on when injured players at the club will be returning to action. The place to get this news is most definitely the Internet, where you can visit and many more football websites, including the sports section of the established British newspapers that have online content, to ensure you’re never out of the loop.

Many people are seeking out the latest Premiership news, as this is where much of the interest in English football is focused. As the biggest league in England, if not Europe and even the world, the Premier League garners much of the attention of football fans in England. Many clubs including Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham have a huge following and that is evident just from the sheer number of club specific blogs that are centred on these teams.

This doesn’t mean that teams outside of the Premiership aren’t given plenty of coverage as well, though, and on sites like and other leading football websites, including BBC Sport and Sky Sports, the football league garners plenty of attention, too. The Championship in particular is subject of much attention, and is often described as the most unpredictable league in England, making it one of the most exciting as well.

The goal for most, if not all, of the clubs in the Championship is of course to gain promotion to the Premier League. This is where many fans would love to see their team play and last year Blackpool showed that’s it’s possible for one of the so-called smaller clubs to make it to the big time. This has not only earned Blackpool plenty of money, but the Seasiders now also get far more coverage on TV news channels and online than they ever would have done as a Championship team.

No matter what football team you support, going to the Football FanCast website or another one of the established sources of football news has become a daily routine. Our appetite for the latest Premiership news in particular is insatiable and this demand has been met by many football websites. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll never be kept in the dark about the goings on at your local team and no nugget of football knowledge, no matter how small, will ever pass you by!

By going to the Football FanCast website or another one of the established sources of football news you can find out everything you need to know about English Football.