These critical Texas Holdem mistakes are everywhere. Almost every player makes them. If you learn them you’ll be ahead of 90% of players.

#1 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

Pot committing with weak cards. When you have weak or middle of the range cards and you pot commit you are getting yourself into trouble. Always watch how much you are betting and never commit more than 30% of your chips unless you are ready to go all in.

#2 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

Playing beyond the flop with nothing. This should go without saying but people still do it. If you haven’t hit by the flop your chances of landing a good hard are slim to none.

#3 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

Not stick to the plan. You should have a plan when you sit down at the poker table. Not having a plan, or not sticking to your plan (so changing up your play in the moment) is a bad mistake to make.

#4 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

Telegraphing the strength of your hand. This could be by letting off tells, playing predictably, or simply not bluffing enough. If you give indication to what cards you have you will end up losing sooner or later.

#5 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

Tightening up too much under pressure. This is a classic mistake to make in a tournament. You receive some heat to tighten up defensively. The thing is you might play yourself out of the game by being too tight.

#6 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

Getting too loose when playing loose. This is a common mistake players make. It’s a little tricky. First you start out playing a strong loose game, then slowly you get more and more loose and before you know it you are playing complete dunce cards. Watch it.

#7 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

Not bluffing enough. This is a big mistake a of player make due to, I’m guessing, fear of not knowing how (or actually not knowing how). If the former, get over it. If the latter, go and learn it.

#8 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

Not managing your bankroll or money properly. When you mismanage your bankroll and stack sizes you set yourself up for pain. Not having enough chips when playing aggressive can be disastrous.

#9 Critical Texas Holdem Mistakes

And the final and worst mistake most players make: overvaluing a pair. A pair is just a pair, even if it’s a pair of aces or kings. The average winning hand in Holdem is a two-pair. Do the maths, cause last time I checked two-pair was better than one.

Now as you are reading these mistakes I’m sure you are become more aware of a time you actually made one of these and it cost you some money. Well the good news is that once you realize that the real secret to success is going out and learning how to become better you will be able to become a practically unstoppable poker player. So please, continue to go and experience a sense of learning and curiosity and get your hands on anything you can that will teach you how to become a better poker player.

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