This orange and brown saree is an exotic combination of carefully selected colours. The pale chocolate brown shade is very common and favourite in the silk saree arena. But the designs and the proportion that the brown colour shares with the orange border makes the saree really unique. The body of the saree is really amazing with five different patterns running parallel to each other. They might be five in number, but they blend together as one in harmony. The blouse material comes in the border’s orange colour.

The border is medium sized with intricate zari works. The zari reminds one of peacocks and flowers. The two edges of the border have diamond shaped patches. Towards the inner side, the border has tiny floral patterns that run parallel to the border. The body of the saree that flows from the waist is plain brown colour with occasional zari work.

But as the saree proceeds in the front torso towards the shoulder, the five different patterns that are perpendicular to the border take the lime light. These patterns create a nostalgic air and yet suit the modern day scenario.

One of the patterns is check shaped and roughly oval shaped alternate to each other. The second pattern is a thin floral creeper. The third pattern is a close s shaped wave flanked by designs. The fourth pattern is a combination of s shaped waves and floral patterns. The fifth pattern is tiny mango and curved drop shapes forming a line and yet detached from one another.

The pallu of the saree has a complex blend of zari works. These zari works are meaningful in spite of their complex appearance. The designs in the pallu are traditional south Indian work done with impeccable dexterity. The saree is a great wear for weddings and temples and is a sure show stealer.

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