There’s no doubt about it, if you want the maximum from curcumin supplements, then they should be blended with other synergistic nutrients. Find out why here.

There are two main factors here – increased absorption and benefitting from the many other nutrients.

The truth is that even at very high doses like 1000mg a day, very little curcumin actually reaches your bloodstream to help. Many companies offer these high doses and they are expensive as well as pointless.

To improve the absorption or bioavailability as you may hear it called, the addition of piperine from black pepper can make a big difference.

In clinical studies it was shown to increase the amount that reached the bloodstream by up to a whopping 2000%! This means with the right mix, you don’t need expensive or high doses which are unproven.

In fact if your curcumin supplements are blended right, you can get the maximum benefits from just 50mg a day of 98% pure curcumin extract.

Some of the best synergistic nutrients to combine with this spice include ginkgo biloba, green tea, milk thistle and olive leaf. They help to enhance its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers so you can enjoy even more benefits.

These health benefits include help in preventing some cancers, prevention of heart disease, improved liver function, more balanced cholesterol and easing of the symptoms of arthritis and type II diabetes.

What is also important for curcumin supplements is the delivery method.

Basically this means that they should have an enteric coating to ensure they are not dissolved in the stomach but are able to carry on unscathed to be released in the small intestine.

As well as ensuring you get the maximum from them, an enteric coating also helps you to avoid any digestion problems or irritations.

As you can see, taking curcumin in a nutritional supplement with many other natural nutrients can provide you with far more benefits than by taking a single pill. In most cases it won’t be more expensive, making it a very cost effective method for improving your health and mental well-being.

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