Go Scott Go! Go Scott Go! These are the first things you would have heard if you were to have attended the Scott Brown Acceptance Speech or heard it on the news. Tonight the independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken. Tonight the Independent Majority has stood their ground and sustained an incredible victory. Scott Brown is now the Massachusetts United States Senator.

Scott Brown claims that while he is in office, he will do his absolute best to serve the constituents of Massachusetts and to make the citizens proud of him. He emphasized that while he was honored to have the citizens of Massachusetts elect him, that the seat didn’t just belong to him or one particular political party, that it belonged to all the people of the state. Paul Kirk had no hard feelings, and said he’d help Scott Brown and his team get situated in office over the coming weeks.

At the Scott Brown Acceptance Speech he mentioned that he was ready to move to Washington and take care of business without any more delays. The people present at the speech seemed to have really liked this and expressed a lot of confidence in Scott and his team.

Scott Brown beat out Democrat Martha Coakley which gave him the seat which was held by the late Ted Kennedy for over 46 years. He mentions in these trying times that its imperative that the state comes together as a commonwealth and congratulated Martha on running the senate race with him. This entire Senate Race occured because Ted Kennedy passed away after a lifetime of tireless work.

Scott Brown called Ted Kennedy’s wife Vikki and he told her that Ted’s name will always command the respect and affection of the people of Massachusetts and that everyone in the state feels the same way about her. In the Scott Brown Acceptance Speech he went on to say that he would do his best to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s shoes and honored his memory.

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